We always talk about sci-fi, horror, fantasy movies and so on. We rate them, share them, recommend them and so on. But today, I'll share some of my favorite documentaries which changed the way I(or we) see the world & truly inspires me. These documentaries are about inventions of Television, Airplane, Electricity & building the first nuclear bomb which was dropped on Nagasaki & Hiroshima. These inventions were born with fierce struggle & intense rivalry whether it's between two scientists or between two nations.

Note: These documentaries are not specific to Science or Technology stream, anyone from any stream can watch because it is made like a story plot. Thanks to NAT GEO.

Wright Brothers vs. Glenn Curtiss

This documentary is about the Invention of the Airplane. On December 1903 Wright Brothers did the Impossible, the achieved the first controlled empowered human flight, but it was Glenn Curtiss who went on to make about $30 Million by the end of 1920(equivalent to about $400M now).

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Philo Farnsworth vs. David Sarnoff

Fight for first commercial TV

This documentary is about the invention of the Television. Television is one of the most significant inventions of the 20th century. It was a battle between one of the biggest media Mughal in the world who was already rich and would bring him, even more, wealth & power and a one-time farm boy from Idaho.

David Surnoff introduced the world with electronic Television, but history would go on to recognize Philo Farnsworth as its true creator.

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Thomas Edison vs. Nicola Tesla

Battle for electricity!

This battle was one of the biggest battles between two inventors - Alternating Current vs. Direct Current. Thomas Edison invented DC & went on to made the light bulb. Nicola Tesla didn't invent AC but, enhanced the technology which today powers, almost, every house in the world. Thomas Edison later went on to get more than 1000 patents(the only inventor to get so many patents). But, Nicola Tesla, at last, dies alone & penniless.

The battle between Edison in DC & Tesla in AC was ultimately won by Tesla.

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Oppenheimer vs. Heisenberg

Nuclear War

Well, here we go. Who made the first Nuclear bomb? This is the story which brought destruction to the humanity & they took the war to the new frontier and changed the world forever - No matter what the cost. Oppenheimer was called the father of the atomic bomb & Heisenberg becomes an international figure in peaceful science by backing up.

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More to go

If you liked it, then here are more...

  1. Hearst vs. Pulitzer - The battle to bring the best Modern Newspaper.
  2. Steve Jobs vs. Bill Gates - The fight to bring personal computers in every home.
  3. Colt vs. Wesson - Invention of the pistols, the battle that changed the weapons in wars.
  4. The Space Race - My another favorite - The battle between U.S.S.R & United States to explore space & send the first human to the moon.

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