After a long time in development and early stages building it in my free time, Today, I'm releasing the first stable release of Abrays Notes i.e. V1.0

What is Abrays Notes? Why should you choose it?

Abrays Notes is a place to take your notes in markdown(or WYSIWYG - What You See Is What You Get) format.

The best thing about this project is it's open-source and can be self-hosted on your server. Also, all the data is server-side encrypted, and a user can enable two-factor authentication. You can export all your notes at once in the markdown format.

Even better is, Abrays Notes uses Materialize design with mobile-friendly views and a bunch of shortcuts to make your life easier.

Here are some timesavers:

  • ctrl + f or ctrl + F - New Note
  • crtl + e or crtl + E - Edit Note
  • crtl + s or crtl + S - Save Note
  • ctrl + j or ctrl + J - Go Back
  • crtl + h or crtl + H - Go Home

The Tech Stack

  1. Ruby on Rails Framework
  2. Devise for users authentication
  3. Materialize CSS for UI
  4. active_model_otp for two-factor authentication
  5. Cloudinary or ActiveStorage - for assets management(You can use any storage like Azure Blob or AWS S3)
  6. MYSQL for database
  7. SimpleMDE editor

Installation and Contribution

You can see all the details of the installation here - Abrays Notes Installation on GitHub

You can contribute here - Contribution

A typical use-case

There are other alternatives like Dropbox Paper, Evernote, Google Docs, OneNote and many more. They provide security standard security for sure, but who knows what's happening inside. They may use your data for advertising, may delete your documents(with an error or by purpose) and could even snoof.
Abrays Notes is a solution to all the problems. It's your server; you control everything, and you manage everything.

Abrays Notes is server-side encrypted, so if your database gets hacked - then that's OK. A hacker will only see raw gibberish data which will take him years to decrypt it. But if your server is someone hacked, then a hacker may take control of your keys and decrypt the data. No server on the internet is safe.

The best use case would be to use it for your personal needs like host it on your home server with VMWare/Virtualbox Linux instance or any in any cloud VM where you only want to use Abrays Notes. Don't send your website to Google search or Bing, keep it private. Don't optimize for SEO. You can tell limited people like your family or your small team about your Abrays Notes instance and use it as we implement user authentication, but keep it small, sleek and simple.

No one will hack your server if no one knows about it.

The only solution to the server-side problem is to implement client-side encryption, which I'll implement in my next project.


All the future major updates will go here, keep checking this post to know more. Also, If you can give some feedback and new features ideas in our GitHub Issues.