Hello There, Welcome to the "Tutorials to build WordPress blog for free" series part 2 - "The Basics." If you haven't watched Part 1 - "The Introduction" - You can go here. Before rushing into the world of blogging, it is important to understand how the base of the blog works. These basics will not be any waste of time for you but will help you understand the base of the internet down the journey of your blogging.

Basics: What is the Internet & how it works?

The Internet is a global network which now connects billions of computers around the globe. By connecting a computer to the Internet, we can access any public information, listen to music, watch movies, play online games and much more.

Watch this 3-minute video by Cisco to know how the Internet works:

What is the Web?

The real interpretation of Web is "World Wide Web(or W3)" and was invented by Tim Berners-Lee - A British computer scientist. The Web is a collection of websites that are hooked up to the internet and is accessible worldwide.

PS: I am not talking about this web :P

What is a blog? And why you should have one?

A blog is a place to express yourself to the world. It is a website, typically run by individuals, small groups & businesses, which consists of articles or posts spread across various topics(or categories). For Example, a recipe blog run by a woman can have categories like "North Indian Food," "Chinese Food" etc. and each category can have posts like "Butter Paneer Masala" or "French Burger."

Blog Structure (i made it :P)

Some Terms to Know

  1. Internet Protocol(IP): IP is a set of rules governing the format of the data sent over the Internet.
  2. IP Address: Every computer hooked on the internet has its IP Address and is always unique. Now, you are surfing this blog, your IP Address is here from google, and thus this is unique. And my server(or a remote computer) is hosting this blog, and thus my blog will be assigned a Unique IP Address.
  3. Domain Name Service(DNS): Regarding the Internet, DNS is its phonebook. In short, When you visit my site https://adityanagla.xyz, The browser doesn't know where to look as there are millions of websites on the internet. So DNS is a directory which consists of the IP's linked to the sites. So when you type https://adityanagla.xyz, The browser finds the domains IP Address from the DNS & when it gets the IP, It starts to send & receive requests. You can learn more about How DNS Works Here from towns.Works Website.
  4. Web Page: A single document on a website made of HTML, CSS & JavaScript.
  5. HTML: HyperText Markup Language is a markup language which is used to build websites, It represents the structure of the site.
  6. CSS: Cascading Style Sheet is a language which is responsible for the styling of the site. Like you can see the background of the footer to be black, CSS achieves this.
  7. Javascript(JS): Javascript is a scripting language, and it is responsible for the interaction model of the website.
  8. Website: A group of collections of web pages makes a site. Example: https://adityanagla.xyz/blog is a website & all the articles and pages are the web pages.
  9. Web Server: A computer which is hooked up to the internet that hosts the Website.
  10. A Browser: It is a software which retrieves & render web pages.
  11. TCP/IP - Transmission control protocol. These are the communication rules which define how the packets should travel, connect, etc.
  12. You can know more terms at this Smashing Magazine Blog Post

Get going:

That's it for the part 2 "The Basics," keeping things till here sweet and short. But, I need you to google around stuff and know about the various WordPress blogs. You can search something like "Top WordPress Blogs" or "Best WordPress Blog" and know how people are using it for their companies or personal blogs. This will give you at least some idea of how you can build your blog for various categories.